Kettle Korn: Poppin’ Fun All The Time!

Sometimes, there are moments where we think of the things that truly matters the most without even asking ourselves, do they even care?

I’ve been to a lot of new places over the course of the years and by that, I have learned a lot of new things, met a lot of new friends and discovered who I truly am.

Procrastinating, I asked myself: what would my life would look like if it was made into a movie? Then I found an instant title: The Life  of an Unexpected SoulCorny as it may sound but most of my life, I’ve been trying to defy and break the boundaries of stereotypes. Why can’t I be good at something without everyone telling me that I should do this and that, that just because I cannot sing, I cannot write songs, that because my grammar sucks, I can no longer write.

LIfe is full mediocrity and misery. We try to stereotype everything that surrounds us. And I always want to break them. Isn’t it kind of unfair to be judged without ever doing anything? We are condemned by everyone’s hurtful words that we end up being molded as someone they want us to be rather than us being what we really want to be.

As a frustrated writer, I wonder what my movie would end like. Probably tragic, I guess but still makes the viewers think of their own life. Are they truly living? Or are they just another body walking around, doing the same things over and over again. What does it really means to live?

Alas! Searching over my unexpected journeys, I think I might have found the reason why I am an unexpected soul. Maybe it is because I am just a nobody trying to prove my worth in this industry. How about you? What will your movie looks like?

But of course, that doesn’t end there! What’s a damn viewing without some eating… popcorn that’s right! And what’s the best popcorn in town..?? None other than Kettle Korn! This brand has been a home grown favorite and up to this day, I still continue admiring at how small things can make you happy.

Pop pop pop! Fun all the time! :)


- Justin -

It’s All About Fab and Glam

Catching with the latest trend is very hard especially if you are someone like me who is bracing the industry of fashion blogging slowly. Good thing though there is one thing that sticks one person to another: the Blackberry Messenger or popularly known as BBM.

Whether it’s a party, a social event, or fashion show or even just a plain dinner with your barkaday, with just a click of a button, connecting with friends has never been easier.

Most of my friends have a BBM and I am dying to have one. It’s just an awesome feature! You can instantly send unlimited messages, photos and voice notes whenever, wherever!

Just like the IT Crowd: Solenn Heussaff, Isabelle Daza, Liz Uy, Tim Yap and Raymond Gutierrez I can instantly connect with my friends and colleagues especially in the blogging industry where there are numerous events, left and right. Plus, as a socialite, being updated in the social media is a big must. And Blackberry is no stranger to that. You can just update your Twitter, Facebook, and almost everything else. The power to connect is just at your fingertips.

I even remember an event where I am required to post updates on Twitter and use their hashtag but since I don’t own a Blackberry that time, updating is almost close to impossible. Unfortunately, I was not able to be part of that big event which is one thing that I regret in my life. Also, there are moments where you need to text someone yet you ran out of load and you just can’t find a loading station. It’s a very important text since the company needed my reply to be part of their upcoming event. And because I wasn’t able to reply, they considered that as a no. If only I had a BBM that time, at least I could be able to send them a message.

Another thing I love about Blackberry is their design. Chic, slim and stylish, you can just pair it with any outfit and it will speak one thing: Fab and Glam! With awesome features such as thousands of themes to choose from, prepare as you unleash the best of you. It’s just showcases your personality, the real you.

I can’t wait to get a hold of the Blackberry Curve 9320. It’s not a want but a need.

So, what are you waiting for? Get your Blackberry now and be part of this techno-revolution!

Check out their cool video too and be in with the IT Crowd!


- Justin -

The Last Song Song I’ll Write for You

There was a time when you could tell the world
That you, you knew I would fight for you
You knew I would fight for you
But now I know that I can let you go
Cause I wrote the last song i’ll write for you
The last song i’ll write for you

The Last Song Song I’ll Write for You, David Cook

Love Is All About Safety.

Always Look on the Brighter Side.

I Must Conquer Myself

In order to win, you must learn the weakness of your opponent.